Friday, March 28, 2008

Day Five....

Nicky has suggested a de-tox (see her comment.) Here is a good article about it. At this point - I'm not going to knock anything that anyone wants to try. Whatever kick starts you and gets you motivated is what you need to do. I'm going to pass on the de-tox though. But I am trying to eat lots more fruit (which I have a hard time doing) and I must say that "things" are running smoothly in that department.

I'm going to send a reminder e-mail everyday with a link to the website to make it easier to touch base and comment (ahem...) I'm going to assume that those who aren't checking in are feasting on bon-bons and milkshakes daily.

I've been sick - so not eating as much anyway the past few days....can't taste anything so why bother.

Debbie LeRoy just joined Weight Watchers so let's not let her show us up at the wedding!

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