Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day Six....

Okay - this is it! We have EXACTLY 10 weeks to nail this down. There are now 8 of us! Who's going to be the oinker at the wedding? (me probably...I have the most to lose) but in terms of whose going to show up with a loss big enough for the others to notice? That should be ALL OF US!

I'm sending out a daily reminder (going to bug the crap out of all of you) until you start leaving comments.

There was a re-run of the "I Can Make You Thin" show that I missed Sunday (because of Easter). Did anyone see it? It was weird...about this tapping thing that's supposed to make you stop eating emotionally.

Suggestion for this week - smaller plate. It's an oldie but goodie. I'm going to do it all week and see if it helps.

By the way - the person who comments the least here has to wear a pig nose at the wedding.


Laurie said...

okay - I changes things around as some of you were having problems setting up the google account.

Do this:
Write your comment then go down and mark the circle by NAME/URL. Write your first name in and then hit publish. That should work. I'm trying it now to see! If this comment comes through - then yours should too.

peejay said...

I am trying this for the 4th time. If this does not work, I am giving up....I have been sick also and can't taste much either. This ofcourse makes me want sweet things. I have been doing much reading on eating healthy and have discovered that a piece of DOVE DARK chocolate melted in my mouth actually gets me over my cravings and it is also good for me. I am not a fan of DARK chocolate but it has helped immensely.

Also, I have been trying the small plate idea and it does help unless you go for seconds..I keep telling myself, NOTHING TASTES as good as THIN FEELS...

I have a suggestion that I feel no one is going to like but, I think we should try to get together and do periodic weigh ins. I would be more committed to myself knowing I have to show my success (or lack of). I don't care what you ladies weigh--I am embarrassed to admit what I weigh but that's not what this is all's about supporting and helping each other to accomplish a goal and I don't know about you guys but, I need all the help and support I can get.

Lora said...

I agree - weigh ins would definately keep us accountable. I'm embarrassed at how much I weigh too but whatever works -we should go for it. Nicky had suggested getting together periodically to do something active so maybe we could do both. What dies everyone think?

Nicky said...

Well, I'm in for weigh-ins, even though I agree it will be super embaressing. But it would be cool to weigh-in and then do an activity after that gets our hearts pumping. Even just going to the local fair and packing a healthy lunch. All the walking will be fun when we are distracted by all the crafts and what not.

Now that spring is starting to find it's way here I bet we could find things like that in the area.

My tip this week.. STAY AWAY FROM LIQUID SATAN.. aka pop. Even if it's diet it's no bueno! Study's have shown that cutting pop out of your diet will help you loose weight, and keep it off.

Mary said...

I cant stop eating the Easter candy until it is gone! I am also eating pie and cookies because we had leftovers from a meeting this week. Lord help me! As far as weight goes, to give you a hint, my spouse weights only 4 # more than me. That is NOT RIGHT!! I like the idea of meeting bi-weekly, and maybe doing the canal path or something, and bringing a scale to weigh in the parking lot?I just cant seem to get motivated?

Lora said...

I probably weight more than you & your spouse combined!

So let's plan a day and walk the canal path or hke through a park or something. Anybody up for tomorrow?

We can bring a scale. it won't be supr accurate (as it depends on the time of day and what we're wearng) unless we all get naked behind a tree or something. Of course that might scare the nuts off the squirrels!

But at least we'd have an idea and it would give us incentive.