Monday, July 14, 2008

Checking In............

It's been a while...but since Paula said let's keep the blog up - for motivation and *ahem* accountability - I'm game.

I didn't wear a swimsuit at Keuka - didn't make that goal - and I haven't in fact worn one yet this summer. I also have only run once in the past several weeks - with Becky at the cottage. I plan on running today. Gotta' get back into it or I'll quit for sure.

I haven't been drinking my water like I used to (in school I carried my big bottle everywhere). I've also abandoned the little plate theory which I plan to resurrect again today. I know it helped.

I really haven't been snacking much believe it or not. But drinking beer doesn't help and if you think about the calories - just 4 lite beers has over 400 calories - so I'm crossing beer off my list for a while. That should make a little dent.

I have the Core List from Weight Watchers that Terri gave me - but I have a hard time staying to a list. I'm going to give it a shot though and try to write down everything I eat. I read an article yesterday that said a study showed that people who keep a food journal lose 50% more weight than those who don't. Makes sense. I've always been part of the "if I don't write it down I didn't eat it " club. Kind of like the "if someone eats it with you you cancel each other's calories out" theory.

How's everyone else doing?


Nicky said...

Oh, I'm glad were doing this again. I have been doing SO bad! (Have gained about 6 lbs. back, so i'm at a -12 from my start goal)

I've decided since Raphe and I are poor now haha, (school loans stink!) were going to stop eating out. I think that will make a big difference. Were going to the store tonight and are actually going to buy food to cook and make ourselves. I think as long as we don't buy junk food that will help a lot.

I am kinda sick of dieting just because I went on some pretty intense ones before the wedding. You get tired of limiting what you eat by so much! So I am going to stick to just trying to eat healthy normal size portions (with such a binge eater I am, that will make a difference).

That and I think exercise is the key this summer. It is so nice out and my schedule is much more open, I have time to do it so there is no excuse. Back in the day when I was in my prime, I ate like crap but ran 6 miles a day, and did weights 3x a week.

So anyways that's my goal. I agree aunt Laurie, writing it down makes a difference. I am making a checklist for working out, so I can check off all I did that day. Plan to do at least 1 or 2 types a day. Then of course keep track of what I have been eating.

I also miss our walks! We need to bring those back! What about this Saturday morning, we go Hike somewhere?

Paula said...

Oh I am so glad you are all back. I, too, have been eating like crap and drinking way too much. I, too, Laurie am laying off the alcohol for awhile. I am leaning more towards Nicky's thoughts and am tryin to eat healthy and in normal portion sizes. I am trying this for health reasons also. I have eliminated sugar and dairy out of my diet. I think that I may be lactose intolerant and that is why I have eliminated dairy. I think it was the reason I have been sick and nauseous (not that that stopped me from eating and drinking). Dairy is my love and it is real hard to give up. Sugar wasn't so hard....I was on a salt kick last week, eating potato chips like there was no tomorrow--that is why I have decided to go the healthy route, because I just trade one bad habit for another. I WILL lose 10 pounds by Labor Day. (Not try but DO!!!) Keep it going ladies....I can't walk this weekend but I can consider it during the week in the evenings??

Have a great Day!!! EAT HEALTHY!!