Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We're Back....!

Nicky suggested we keep this blog going and it sounds like a good idea to me! She just joined Weight Watchers so maybe she can share some tips and motivation with us.

I've also embarked on my own personal challenge which so far has netted me a 7 pound loss.

Here's what I've been doing:

Each week I incorporate a new challenge - one that I can live with and make a part of my life.

The first week I decided to ban all fast food. I was a fast food junkie so I figured this would be a real challenge but so far it hasn't.

The second week I challenged myself to drink 64 oz. of water every day. (and by the way - these challenges build upon each other - they don't just last one week.)

Week three I took up the smaller plate challenge - which means I use a smaller plate at dinner. It cuts down on the portion size with out you really noticing it.

The fourth week (and this has been the most difficult challenge so far) is to eat at least 4 servings of fruits/vegetables every day.

Week five I decided to "move" more. Park farther - take the stairs instead of the elevator, run in place or lift weights during commercials... I have to remind myself of this because it's easy to forget.

This week I formed my own "DON'T clean your plate" club. Which means always try to leave something on your plate after each meal. It may seem like a waste - but if you eat it and you're not hungry - it's still a waste (on your waist!)

Before the cool weather gets here - maybe we should try to get in a few more walks. I'm game if he rest of you are!

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Nicky said...

Wow Aunt Laurie, that's awesome. 7 Pounds!! You would be earning a gold star at WW for that! :-) (I'll make you one!).

The fruit thing is something I have been doing too, which has helped. When you include the fruit and veggies when you normally would eat more carbs or crap, it fills you up. Make sure you get all of those out of the way before you snack, that helps too.

At weight watchers, the first meeting I went to, they told us the way it works is not all the point counting, you can do that on your own. It is the talking with other people, and reporting your weight to other people, and having them cheer you on and motivate you.

I don't think any of us lost substantial weight the last time we did this, but we all lost some, and I don't know about all of you, but I just felt good about myself knowing we were all working together. And the walks were a lot of fun!

We don't have to keep this at a day to day basis, I know it was hard to always keep up, but I think checking in regularly and venting about your weight loss woes really helped me.

I'll walk whenever if everyone else is up to it. I liked doing it on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons because we could walk during the day and for along time, but if you guys wanted to move it to during the week, thursday and tuesday nights are the only ones that work for me.