Thursday, June 26, 2008


I didn't run this week. Austin being sick threw me off. I was all geared up to go Tuesday & have Mike watch him but he had an appt. with a customer and had to leave. I tossed Austin in the stroller and took him for a 2 mile walk. i tried to run with the stroller (one handed) but it was awkward. I ended up running about 1/4 of a mile but that was all.

I am going to try today. I feel so freaking fat that I can't stand it. I look like I'm 6 months pregnant. My mojo is waning big time.

How's everyone else doing?


Paula said...

I so hear you!! My motivation has just disppeared. In fact, I'm at work right now and we all just ate donuts for lunch and I don't have any guilt. I am wearing elastic pants--I have turned into my mother. We need an old fashion girls night out, maybe we can plan one after the 4th weekend.

I have jazzed 3days this week and spent all day yesterday at the cottage painting and it's done!! Of course, I didn't eat much yesterday but, what I did was crap!! What is wrong with me? I don't care and I fell like crap too.

I hope Austin is feeling better and you get to go back to life. I know what its like when the kids are sick and you feel wiped out from just taking care of them. Atleast you have an excuse to feel whipped and not motivated. Me, I'm just lazy as Hell!

Keep smiling and we'll have a good time on Saturday and looking forward to next week. Can't wait until Tuesday cuz I am out of here!!

Nicky said...

Oh man, I hear ya ladies. I do really good till about noon, then I just crash and eat everything in site. I have a craving, i've had it for like 2 weeks, and I dont' know what it is, but nothing will satisfy it.

I am going to sit down tonight and write out an exercise and eating schedule and get myself back to those annoying have my whole day planned before it starts schedules, then I will be prepared. (pack meals etc.) I think I want cake! I should just go out and get a piece of cake... hrm...

Ok, keep trying, we'll get back into it. Man we got one week before the 4th, even 5 lbs would do!!